9W-48W low profile slim LED Floodlight Spotlight IP65

Elegant and cost-effective 9W-48W  LED floodlight, anti-glare louver optional, suitable for outdoor garden landscape decorative lighting etc.



Elegant and cost-effective

9W/18W/24W/36W Single color and 24W/36W/48W RGB/RGBW DMX LED Floodlight

Anti-glare louver optional

Tree Architecture Wall Decorative Lighting etc.


Electrical parameters:

Input voltage: 50-60HZ AC100-250V / DC24V

Electrical safety class: class I / III


Optical parameters:

LED light source: Osram

Power of single LED: 1W

Light color: 2700K / 3000K / 4000K / 6000K / single color,  RGB/RGBW DMX512 optional

Beam Angle:  10°/15°/20°/30°/45°/60° optional


Structure parameter:

Lamp body: die casting aluminum lamp body, 4mm thick transparent toughened glass, 304 stainless steel screws, high temperature surface coating



Power / Input Voltage  / bean angle / light color / anti-glare louver / others



Lamp Size:


If any question or other requirements, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!


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