50W-250W LED Pillar Floodlight with mosquito-killing device IP65

50W 90W 130W 170W 210W 250W CREE LED pillar floodlight garden light, with a 10W mosquito-killing device, for tree garden park landscape decoration lighting etc.



50W ~ 250W LED Pillar Floodlight Garden Light IP65

with 10W mosquito-killing device 


This LED pillar floodlight is creative and can be custom made for wide applications. And It is also to avoid light pollution.

The LED pillar floodlight has many advantages. For example, it can be combined with single lamp. Each lamp is 360 degrees rotatable. The light beam angle is 10 to 60 degrees adjustable. The lighting direction is 30 to 60 degrees adjustable.

And a 10W mosquito-killing device is optional.


product features:

1). Original structure design, the lamp body adopts cylindrical appearance, simple and elegant, delicate and beautiful.

2). Full structure waterproof and no glue filling process, protection grade IP66

3). 6063 aluminum alloy extrusion molding and die-casting aluminum lamp body, overlay installation, with light direction adjustment and lock function. Electrostatic spraying on the surface, strong corrosion resistance, suitable for harsh outdoor environments.

4). Equipped with CREE/OSRAM light source, with excellent lighting performance. High light transmittance and anti-glare optics, the light-emitting angle can be adjusted from 10 degrees to 60 degrees, which effectively improves the use scene of the lamp.

5). Single light color/RGB/RGBW color control optional, support DMX512 control system. The power supply has good electromagnetic compatibility and will not cause electromagnetic interference to the surrounding environment.

6). 10W mosquito killer device is optional.



Power: 50W-250W optional (single lamp 40W: 1 lamp-6 lamp can be combined and spliced, mosquito-killing device 10W )

Input voltage: AC100-250V 50HZ

Electrical safety level: Class I

LED light source: CREE/OSRAM optional

Drive type: constant current LED driver

Control method: ON-OFF or DMX512 optional

Beam angle: 10-60 degrees optional

Product weight: lamp holder 3KG, lamp body 4.50KG, mosquito killer device 1.50KG




Article Nr. Power Voltage LED Quantity LED Type Light Color IP Rating
GYS-PFL-40W10 50W AC100-250V 50HZ           1 CREE single color/colourful optional IP65
GYS-PFL-80W10 90W AC100-250V 50HZ          2 CREE single color/colourful optional IP65
GYS-PFL-120W10 130W AC100-250V 50HZ          3 CREE single color/colourful optional IP65
GYS-PFL-160W10 170W AC100-250V 50HZ          4 CREE single color/colourful optional IP65
GYS-PFL-200W10 210W AC100-250V 50HZ         5 CREE single color/colourful optional IP65
GYS-PFL-240W10 250W AC100-250V 50HZ         6 CREE single color/colourful optional IP65


led pillar floodlight tree park lighting

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