72W single light 54W 72W 96W colorful DMX512 LED Inground Light

72W AC100-240V/DC24V single color, 54W 72W DC24V color changing RGB DMX512, 72W 96W DC24V DMX512  RGBW CREE LED Inground Light, waterproof IP67


72W single color AC100-240V/DC24V CREE LED Inground Light IP67

54W/72W DC24V 3in1 RGB DMX512 LED Inground Light IP67

72W/96W DC24V 4in1 RGBW DMX512 LED Inground Light IP67


Product Features:

  1. LED deep built-in design, no glare at close distance.
  2. Waterproof IP67.
  3. Die-cast aluminum thickened lamp body, 304 stainless steel front cover, 10mm tempered glass, surface with outdoor-grade electrostatic spraying, strong corrosion resistance and suitable for harsh outdoor environments.
  4. Equipped with CREE/OSRAM light source, with excellent lighting performance.
  5. Single light color, 3in1 RGB, 4in1 RGBW optional, support DMX512 control system.
  6. With brand driver, has good electromagnetic compatibility and will not cause electromagnetic interference to the surrounding environment.



Input voltage: AC100-250V 50Hz / DC24V optional

Electrical safety level: Class I / Class III

LED light source: CREE/OSRAM

Driver: constant current driver

Control method: ON-OFF / DMX optional

Light angle: 15˚ / 30˚ / 45˚ / 60˚ / 10*60˚ / 20*45˚ optional

Product weight: ca. 4.70KG

Product size: 250*H193 mm



Article Nr. Power Voltage LED Quantity LED Type Light Color IP Rating
GYS-XCMD-D72W 72W AC100-250V 50HZ / DC24V 36 PCs CREE single color/DMX IP65
GYS-XCMD-D1803 54W DC24V 18 PCs 3in1 RGB DMX512 IP65
GYS-XCMD-D1804 72W DC24V 18 PCs 4in1 RGBW DMX512 IP65
GYS-XCMD-D2403 72W DC24V 24 PCs 3in1 RGB DMX512 IP65
GYS-XCMD-D2404 96W DC24V 24 PCs 4in1 RGBW DMX512 IP65



anti-glare led inground light uplighter ip67anti-glare led inground light uplighter ip67

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