36W ~ 288W LED Floodlight Narrow Beam 1° IP66

36W ~ 288W Modular/Combined CREE LED Floodlight Narrowm Beam 1 degree, ip66, single light color optional.


Modular/Combined LED Floodlight with 1 degree Narrow Beam

With CREE LEDS and Meanwell Driver,
36W/72W/108W/144W/216W/288W optional

Product Features:

  1. Unique multi-point-press-type integrated waterproof patented structure, 100% no glue structure, protection class IP66
  2. Modular and combination design, flexible combination use according to your different Occasion and requirements.
  3. SUS304 stainless steel screw bracket is equipped with a dial and a gear lock function.
  4. The lamp body adopts a unique design concept, with smooth arcs, simplification of shape, which is simple and natural. The self-flow (self-cleaning) design of the lamp surface ensures that no foreign material deposits on the surface and avoids the maintenance and cleaning of the lamps.
  5. With CREE high-power light source, which have excellent optical performance. The optical parts are temperature-resistant, highly transparent and flame-retardant. With built-in lens technology to minimize glare and stray light. Built-in anti-glare bee net grid is optional.



Input Voltage: AC100-250V 50HZ / DC24V

Electrical safety class: Ι / Ш

LED light source: CREE

Driver: Meanwell

Control way: single color Constant currant

Beam Angle: 1°


Note: if you have other requirements, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!


Artikel Number     System Power         Light Source             Weight                  Lamp Size

GYS-11CFL0904                 36W                       9*CREE XPG2               1.8KG                L180*W150*H153mm

GYS-12CFL1804               72W                       18*CREE XPG2               3.3KG               L325*W150*H153mm

GYS-13CFL2704               108W                        27*CREE XPG2               4.9KG               L470*W150*H153mm

GYS-14CFL3604               144W (1*4 )             36*CREE XPG2                5.5KG               L615*W150*H153mm

GYS-22CFL3604              144W  (2*2)         36*CREE XPG2                6.5KG                L385*W330*H210mm

GYS-23CFL5404              216W  (2*3)         54*CREE XPG2                10KG                L530*W330*H210mm

GYS-24CFL7204            288W  (2*4)         72*CREE XPG2              13.6KG              L674*W330*H210mm




  1. Loose thehexagon screws, adjust the bracket90 degrees forward and backward. After adjustment, fix the screw.
  2. Fix the mounting holes on the bracket to the mounting place with screws.






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