18W 24W 36W single light 36W 48W RGB/RGBW LED Polarized Washer

18W/24W/36W single light LED polarized wall washer, 36W/48W color changing RGB/ RGBW dmx512 LED polaration wall washer P65




Product features of the LED wall washer:

  1. Self-developed polarized optics can effectively improve the efficiency of light output. Anti-glare shading plate is optional.
  2. Equipped with CREE/OSRAM light source, with excellent lighting performance.
  3. Single light color, 3in1 RGB, 4in1 RGBW optional, support DMX512 control system. Automatic addressing, simple wiring makes the installation and maintenance of lamps more convenient and faster.
  4. Original structure design, internal cavity type heat dissipation, the overall appearance is refined, delicate and beautiful. Structural waterproof and no glue filling process, protection grade IP66
  5. 6063 aluminum alloy lamp body, SUS304 stainless steel screw, double movable brackets. surface with outdoor-grade electrostatic spraying, strong corrosion resistance and suitable for harsh outdoor environments.



Input voltage:  DC24V

Electrical safety level: Class III

LED light source: CREE/OSRAM

Driver: constant voltage driver

Control method: ON-OFF / DMX

Light angle: 18˚ + 45˚ polarized

Product weight: 1.50 KG

Product size: L 1000 * W 38 * H 82 mm



Article Nr. Power Voltage LED Quantity LED Type Light Color IP Rating
GYS-PTWW-18W 18W DC24V 18 PCs OSRAM single light/DMX optional IP65
GYS-PTWW-24W 24W DC24V 24 PCs OSRAM single light/DMX optional IP65
GYS-PTWW-36W 36W DC24V 36 PCs OSRAM single light/DMX optional IP65
GYS-PTWW-36WA 36W DC24V 18 PCs 3in1 RGB RGB DMX512 IP65
GYS-PTWW-36WB 36W DC24V 18 PCs 4in1 RGB RGBW DMX512 IP65
GYS-PTWW-48WA 48W DC24V 24 PCs 3in1 RGB RGB DMX512 IP65
GYS-PTWW-48WB 48W DC24V 24 PCs 4in1 RGB RGBW DMX512 IP65


18W 24W 36W single light 36W 48W color changing dmx512 LED Linear Inground Light IP67

Installation and size:




*** LED wall washer with our self-developed polarized lens: can be made with our self-developed optical lens (18 degrees +45 degrees polarized), which has parallel and seamless up lighting, clean and comfortable vision. Equidistant arrangement, no dark areas and no overflow lighting. Suitable to be used for the accent lighting such as high walls, facades etc.



PS: the 18w with new desined lens 18˚ + 45˚  can replace the traditional 36W 10˚*60˚.


If there is any question, please feel free to contact us. Thank you very much.


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