3W LED Unterwater Light IP68

3W DC12V LED Underwater Light, made of stainless steel, completely waterproof IP68. Can be used under 1 Meter water. 30° / 60° / 80° optional



3W DC12V LED Underwater Light, made of stainless steel, completelty waterproof IP68,

can be used within 1 Meter depth.


Product Features:

. 3 pieces 1W high brightness LED, 350mA constant current driver

. Stainless steel lamp body, poor heat dissipation performance and the light must be under water before lighting on.

. IP68 completely waterproof.



Item Number: GYS-UWL-3x1W-02

Light Source: 3*1W

Input Voltage: DC12V

Input Power: 4.8W

Light Color: single color

Optical Lens: 30° / 60° / 80° optional

Housing Material: #3014 stainless steel

Glass: Tempered glass

Weight: 1.1 KG

Waterproof: IP68

Ambient Temperature: room temperature, within 1 Meter



LED Underwater Light

LED Underwater Light simply means a light mounted under water. Some of the LED Underwater Lights look similar with recessed in-ground lights, but have a mounting plate.

Because LED underwater lights are used under the water, they need to withstand a certain pressure and are generally made of stainless steel, 8-10mm tempered glass, high quality waterproof connector, silicone rubber seals. The LED underwater lights are waterproof, dust proof, leakage and corrosion resistant.


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