3W LED Staircase Step Light Milky Fence Arrows Triangle IP65

3W AC100V – 240V LED recessed staircase step light outdoor IP65, milky/fence/arrows/triangle, for aisle, corridor, staircase, villa, garden yard, balcony indication and security lighting etc.




3W AC100-240V LED staircase step light wall lamp IP65, milky/fence/arrows/triangle 


Product Features:

  1. Aluminum body, thick and durable
  2. Milky, Fence, Arrows, Triangle optional
  3. IP65 waterproof, suitable for aisles, corridors, staircases etc.



Article number: GYS-SL-3W-TAMF-T

Power: 3W

Input voltage: AC85-265V

Light Color: warm white 2700K-3300K, natural white 4000K-4500K, cool white 6000K-6500K

Lumen: 60-80Lumen/Watt

Beam Angle: 180°

Materials: aluminum alloy

Shell color: white, black, grey

Lamp Size: L170*W70*H55 mm, Open hole: 155*55mm

Product Weight: 0.40 kg

Waterproof: IP65



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