15W 20W 28W DC48V Zoomable LED Magnetic Track Light Dimmable Tunable

15W/20W/28W DC48V zoomable LED magnetic track light, triac / 0-10V / DALI dimmable, or 2700K-6000K color temperature tunable, for Home Office Gallery Museum Lighting. OEM ODM available.


LED Magnetic track lights are mounted onto the track by magnetic attachment, so they also belong to a kind of track light. Compared with ordinary LED track lights, LED magnetic track lights have many differences. There are mainly 5 differences between them: the voltage, the fix method, the track width, the cost and the intelligence. Both of them are very suitable for home lighting. The LED magnetic track lights are more flexible, easy to dismantle and install. but the cost is higher than ordinary LED track lights.


Product features of our LED track lights:

  1. 48V low voltage, safe to move the luminaires freely.
  2. Popular design, anti-glare, high CRI 90 and 97 available.
  3. 0-10V, DALI, triac dimmable, color temperature tunable, or color changing. Optional available in DMX Tuya Zigbee APP control etc.
  4. Optics changeable
  5. Stable performance without flicker, made of aluminum lamp body, 5 years warranty.


Power: 15W / 20W / 28W

Input voltage: DC48V

Light color: 2700K / 3000K / 3500K / 4000K / 5000 / 6000K / 2700K-5700K CCT tunable

Beam angle: 15 – 60° zoomable

Anti-glare: UGR<19

Dimmable: optional

Power factor: >0.9

Housing color: white /black / customization

Flicker free: 0.002

Lifespan: 50 000 hours

Warranty: 5 years






*** Advantages and disadvantages of magnetic track lights ***

LED track lights bring a lot of benefits if you have them installed.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of magnetic track lights?


1、It can be combined with different LED magnetic track lights with each other. Magnetic track lights adopt modular concept, there are many LED luminaires that can be applied to magnetic track, including downlight, spotlight, grid light, flood light bar, pendant light and so on. So, we can choose the luminaires at will and make DIY creative lighting. Free choice of light source, to meet the lighting needs of different spaces.

2, Increase or decrease the number of luminaires freely. There is no limitation on the number of luminaires installed in the magnetic track. So, if the brightness is not enough, we can increase the luminaires by absorbing the magnetic luminaires on the magnetic track. While the brightness is too high, we can reduce the luminaires

3、Move the luminaires and adjust their lighting direction at will.  In the magnetic track, the luminaires can be moved freely according to the space. In addition, many magnetic light fixtures are adjustable on the lighting direction. That increases the flexibility of the lighting design.

4, Safety in low voltage, no touching danger. Magnetic track lights on the market generally use 24V or 48V low-voltage design, even if the magnetic track has power on, there is no danger of direct hand contact and installation of magnetic luminaires.


1, Compared to ordinary track lights, magnetic track lights are more expensive.

2, Magnetic track lights ae relatively new. Carpenters and electricians may not have the experience of installing this kind of products. And there may be installation errors. So, pay attention to communicate with each other in advance.



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