DMX512 RGBW LED Floodlight for Facade and Architectural Lighting

DMX512 RGBW LED Floodlight for Facade and Architectural Lighting

LED floodlight is one of our main products, which has a wide application of illumination. Our LED floodlights have very good waterproof performance and very stable illumination ability.

And, our DMX512RGB/RGBW colorful LED floodlights are made of RGB 3in1/RGBW 4in1 LED chips. They are mixed color changing projection lighting fixtures, which can achieve synchronous effect by connecting with intelligent controller and can be accessed to the console.

DMX512 RGB/RGBW LED floodlight can be used without controller through the control of the built-in microchip in the small engineering applications. When used without controller, they can achieve dynamic effects such as gradient, jumping, color flashing, random flashing, etc. Meanwhile, they can also be used with DMX controller to achieve chasing, scanning and other attractive lighting effects.

If you use our colorful DMX512 RGB/RGBW LED flood light for lighting, you will see a different chic scene, that is, colorful innovative. Color LED flood light can make the surrounding become bright, and can also improve the harmony of the environment at the same time.

Wiring of DMX RGB/RGBW LED floodlights

Lighting effect of 24W RGBW LED floodlight 15 degrees IP65

Lighting effect of 48W RGBW LED floodlight 15 degrees IP65

60W AC230V/DC24V DMX512 RGBW LED floodlights with waterproof male-female connector

LED floodlights in this series

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